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  • Tampa toffee makes Oprah's Favorite Things list

    It's only November but a Bay area mom-and-pop candy store is getting the best Christmas gift they could've imagined, and it's coming from the former Queen of Talk. Oprah has put Lisa and Jim Schalk's Toffee to Go on her 2013 Favorite Things list... Read More

  • Oprah Chose Toffee to Go!

    "This is the ultimate, ultimate list of my Favorite Things," says Oprah. Why? Because no matter who's on your holiday list, you'll find everything from the whimsical stocking stuffer to the over-the-top indulgence.... Read More

  • Top women in Tampa's food scene share hard-earned wisdom

    You'd think some of the women leaders in Tampa's food scene would have resumes filled with elite culinary training and stints at far-flung, renowned restaurants. But they don't. Ask Maryann Ferenc, Suzanne Perry, Jeannie Pierola and Lisa Schalk where they found their inspiration and they'll talk about growing up around food or getting a wild idea... Read More

  • Toffee to Go Grows, Adds 30 Jobs In Tampa

    It all started with an intimate network of family and friends enjoying the mouthwatering chocolate treat from the Schalk family kitchen. In 2002, the small, family-based business went live and decided to share their sweet handcrafted treasure with... Read More

  • Toffee to Go hits the road (Video)

    When I interviewed Toffee to Go Owners Jim and Lisa Schalk for the “How I…” story in the June 21 edition of the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the two were excited about a new booth they were prepping for the latest gift show in Dallas. Watch the video... Read More

  • How I...Help my vendors sell my product

    With every case they order, we give them one pound of toffee samples. People will buy our toffee in a gift shop because the packaging is gorgeous, but if they sample it, they’re hooked... Read More

  • Sweet Opportunity

    A couple days ago I appeared at Toffee to Go and greeted customers to share my story and listen to theirs.  Many breast cancer survivors stopped in to see me, some of whom I knew or knew of me and others who heard about the promotion... Read More

  • Long-time friendship fosters breast cancer awareness, advice

    The insight from a breast cancer survivor at is like advice from a friend, rather than filled with scientific terms.  The writer's long-time friend is helping to support her effort with an awareness campaign... Read More

  • Terrific Toffee

    My love affair with toffee began at the age of 9 during a holiday party my parents were hosting. The pink tin with the silver bow caught my eye, so without a second thought I grabbed the can, ran into my room and opened it up... Read More

  • Toffee to Go is Just Too Delicious To Be True...

    After our dinner delights, of course we needed to have a snack on hand, and thanks mucho the the fine folks over at Toffee to Go for supplying us with some of their delicious treats!... Read More