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  • Long-time friendship fosters breast cancer awareness, advice

    The insight from a breast cancer survivor at is like advice from a friend, rather than filled with scientific terms.  The writer's long-time friend is helping to support her effort with an awareness campaign... Read More

  • Terrific Toffee

    My love affair with toffee began at the age of 9 during a holiday party my parents were hosting. The pink tin with the silver bow caught my eye, so without a second thought I grabbed the can, ran into my room and opened it up... Read More

  • Toffee to Go is Just Too Delicious To Be True...

    After our dinner delights, of course we needed to have a snack on hand, and thanks mucho the the fine folks over at Toffee to Go for supplying us with some of their delicious treats!... Read More

  • RNC helps local businesses create jobs

    "In the hotels, it’s going to their VIP guests so we would assume that's delegates or media that's going to be staying in house and for the events, we're hoping they are going to everybody so everyone gets a piece of Tampa to take back home with them... Read More

  • A sweet treat for RNC delegates

    RNC delegates and visitors are in for a delicious Tampa treat. At Toffee to Go in Tampa, they have been busy filling orders for convention parties and gatherings... Read More

  • Time to Go to Toffee to Go!

    Hey everyone.  Travis back for Team Liger (go Ligers) with an update about one sweet trip you need to make.  We had the privilege of taking a tour of Toffee to Go today, and to say this place is awesome doesn't do it justice... Read More

  • Toffee business takes off thanks to word of mouth

    First, following an old family recipe, Jim and Lisa Schalk began making English toffee for friends and neighbors who urged the couple to sell the tasty candy.Heeding that advice, in 1998 they started Toffee to Go, a small home-based business, selling their candy... Read More

  • Toffee to Go makes sweet move

    "The new location is three times the size, with better retail visibility,'' Lisa Schalk said. Jim Schalk and operation manager Anne Hazen designed the 3,000-square-foot space with separate areas for retail, cooking and shipping... Read More

  • Toffee to Go....New Location Same Great Treats!

    Since 1998, the buttery, sweet, crumbly candies produced here, and distributed coast-to-coast, have been delighting a steadily growing fan base while building a national reputation for award-winning sweets... Read More

  • Sweet success

    Following an old family recipe, Jim and Lisa Schalk begin making English toffee for friends and neighbors who urge the couple sell the tasty candy... Read More