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  • Saving Cents: Great gifts at Nutcracker Market

    When Saving Cents was there, they had everything from cars to boats to Christmas decorations. And if you’re after food, you won’t have any trouble finding something delicious Read More

  • Tampa-Based Handmade Toffee Company Has Big Friend

    When Lisa and Jim Schalk offered boxed samples of their handmade toffee at a Tampa Bay MPI chapter event last November, they had no idea what level of recognition it would result in. Colin Cowie, who has planned events for A-list celebs... Read More

  • The Toffee to Go Story

    When Lisa first tasted the traditional Schalk toffee she thought it was so incredible she told her husband, Jim, they had to learn how to make it immediately. Jim and Lisa spent hours learning the family recipe and after many attempts they had it mastered... Read More

  • Family Recipe

    Jim Schalk remembers eating his mom’s homemade toffee in Indianapolis when he was growing up, thinking it was pretty good.“It was like eating your mom’s pasta,” Schalk recalls.However, his family, neighbors and now his customers, were a lot more enthusiastic... Read More

  • Toffee company proves what's outside counts too

    Slightly more than half the revenue at the Schalk's company comes from sales of boxes and tins of toffee labeled with the names of the businesses that give the toffee to clients. Wholesale and retail sales account for the rest of the revenue at Toffee to Go... Read More

  • Celebrity Event Planner Recognizes Tampa Bay Area Chapter Member

    When the Tampa Bay Area Chapter of MPI began planning a special program for last November featuring Colin Cowie, event planner to the stars, new members Lisa Schalk with Toffee to Go stepped up as a firsttime sponsor of an MPI chapter event. At the event, Cowie... Read More

  • Sweeting Up the Business Scene

    Lisa and Jim Schalk never intended to go into the toffee business. In fact, they resisted the idea for many years."We started making toffee in 1989," Lisa Schalk said. "Everybody said it was the best thing they ever tasted and we should sell it... Read More